What is "Benjapakee"?

"BenjaPakee" is actually an ancient word from Pali. Benja means 5 kind or type, Pakee means set or grouping. So BenjaPakee means 5 different types of amulets in a group or set. A group of well-known amulet collectors in early 1950s suggested a guide for the Thai people, the best choice to worn on their neck, Also taking into consideration of the Buddha history, age, form and size etc.
The great BenjaPakee amulets are:
    1. Phra Somdej (King of Amulet)
    2. Phra Nang Phaya (Queen of Amulet)
    3. Phra Rod
    4. Phra Phong Supan
    5. Phra Somgor

Phra Somdej were created by Somdej Phra Buddhacara Toh Prommarangsi (Somdej Toh). He's a son of King Rama II.
He started to make Phra Somdej amulets in 1866 (BE 2409). Materials for making Phra somdej comprise: Shell lime, holy powder, assorted flowers from shine, rice, lotus, ashes, honey, banana, tang oil, etc. Then chanted with spells and meditate. To bless every life in this world for good karma and strong protection against negative energy. Total of 84,000 amulets was made at the time.
Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang is once of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand.

Phra Nang Phaya were created during of Ayutthaya era, Phitsanulok province. The major discovered are from Wat Nang Phaya around 1901 (BE 2444). The temple was said to be built for merits making to his Queen, the mother of King Naresuan, the Thai people given name "Queen of Thailand amulets".
Phra Nang Phaya are very famous for bless strong with attractiveness and respectful from all others, also power on charm and safe from all dangers.

Phra Rod was created by a hermit. First discovered during the earlier days of King Rama 5 reign when a pagoda from Wat Mahawan in Lumphun province.
The Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape, they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters or misfortunes. They are made of clay and the oldest once are over 1,250 years old.

Phra Phong Supan were discovered on 1913 (BE 2456) in Wat Phra Sri Ratanamahathat in Supanburi province.
According to a golden scripture found together in the pagoda which described that Phra Phong Supan was created by Phra Mahathera Piya Thassi Saribut during the period of King Bormrajathiraj 2nd. It has strong "U-thong" art style.
Most of unique of this amulets is at the back had a thumb print of the creator. A superb Buddha amulets had all mighty protective power against weapon and bring good luck. Is the most powerful amulets of ever.

Phra Somgor were first discovered on 1849 (BE 2392) in Wat Phra Boromathat, Kamphaeng Phet province.
The amulets were created in the era King Phra Maha Dharmarajalitai, the 5th king of Sukhothai. Phra Somgor is a mixture of Sukhothai-Lanka (Sri Lanka) style. It form a sitting posture of a thumb shape. According to memorandum of Wat Phra Boromathat, Phra Somgor amulets were made by 11 hermits or Phra Lersi using special materials and invited Devadas to create the molds.
There is a slogan for Phra Somgor " If you have me, you never get poor". Estimated to be made some 550 years.

Phra Pitda is a very unique amulet. A Buddha or Phra Bhagavam image putting both hand and cover the face is to find peace and joy. There are also had four and six hands type. Phra Pitda is one of most famous amulet type to bless protecting worshipers from danger and increase levels of attractiveness as well as wealth fortune. Very popular and powerful amulet in Thailand.

Phra Sivali is one of the Arahants, that is reckoned and declared by The Buddha for his auspiciousness. The Buddha had great faith in Sivali. He noticing that Sivali was fulfilling a previous aspiration, declared him “foremost among monks in obtaining requisites.” The Buddha instructed monks who were traveling on long, difficult journeys through uninhabited terrain to be accompanied by Sivali to ensure that they would have their requisites met. With Sivali present there would be no shortage of food because even the devas reveled in donating provisions. One of the sacred amulet in Thailand.

Phra Kring by Phra Sangkharaj or Supreme Patriarch of Thailand named Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae Tissa-dheva-maha-dhera, who had begun to create this kind of amulet since the year 1898 (BE 2441).
Phra Kring amulet is an image of Lord Buddha parng chana-marn with holy bell inside. Phra Kring bless good health fortune as medicine Buddha, the bell sound echo to heaven. One of the top powerful Thailand amulets.

Luang Pu Thuad is the most revered and well respected monks that has ever lived in Thailand. His life and works are legendary. The most famous of his miracle story is he can turn the sea water become tasteless and drinkable water. Luang Pu Thuad never create any amulets in his whole life. By the meditation practice of Achan Tim a later abbot of Wat Chiang Hai, he met Luang Pu Thuad by vision meditate. He had made the Luang Pu Thuad amulets, one of the most famous amulets create in 1954 (BE 2497).