Wat Bowon Niwet - Bangkok

Wat Bowon is the first grade royal temple. This is one of the important temples in Bangkok. Prince Mahasakdipolep, vice-King of King Rama lll, order to construct this temple during 1824-1832. It is the shrine-hall of Phra Phutthachinnasi, a very beautiful image which is mould in about 1357. Originally named "Wat Mai" and received a name "Wat Bowornniwet Vihara" when King Rama lll invited his brother, King Rama lV who was then a monk, to be abbot of the temple. Wat Boworn is also the residence of members of royal family who enter monk hood i.e. King Rama Vl, Vll, lX.
The important sites in Wat Boworn are "Ubosot", a "Trimuk" (three facade), decorated with glazed ceramics, where the seal of the Royal Crown located at the centre, another are the principal Buddha image, the Vihara the Chedi and the Panya residence, a place where the kings and the princes have stayed during their ordain.
Motto: "Receive the good thing in life"