Wat Kalayanamitr Woramahawihan - Bangkok

Wat Kalayanamitr is the second grade royal temple. Chao Phraya Nikorn Bodin (Toh Kalayanamit) a son of Phra Phichai Wari (Man Sae Eung). When he got the title of Phraya Ratsuphawadi, The director general of Phra Suratsawadi Klang department, he did not only donated his house included land but also bought additional land in the area nearby which formerly called Kudi Chin village to build a temple in 1825 during the reign of King Rama lll, and presented it to be a royal temple, King Rama lll graciously name the temple as Wat Kalayanamitr.
As the same time, King Rama lll also order to build royal wihan (Hall of Worship) and a principle buddha image which was made of lime in subduing Mara (Demon) posture with the size of 11.75M (W) and 15.45M (H), people usually called this image as Phra Toh. Later, King Rama lV kindly named it Phra Buddha Trai Rattanayok. This image is respected by people all over, especislly the chinese people who call it Sam Por Kong.
King Rama lV also graciouly ordered the construction of Hor Phratham Monthian Thaloeng Phrakiat (Buddhist Book Librart) for the temple in 1865 in order to keep Pali Canons (Lord Buddha's Teaching) and all of the buddhist scriptures. The basement of Phra Ubosot (Ordination Hall) was originally the house of Chao Phraya Nikorn Bodin made from brick in chinese architectural style. and there are no roof finals. Inside the ordination Hall are mural painting depicting the story of buddha's live and set of sacrifice accessories in the style os Thai-Chinese Architectural.
The fine arts department registered the temple to be the national ancient monument in 1949
Motto: "Bon Voyage"