Wat Phichaiya Yatikaram Worawihan - Bangkok  

Located by the riverside of Somdej Chao Phraya Canal at Thonburi. Is a minor royal temple in the category of "Worawihan".
The temple's form of art belong to the early Rattanakosin in period. There is no evidence to prove when the temple was constructed.
During 1829-1832, Somdej Chao Phraya Borommaha Phichaiyat (Tat Bunnak), appointed as Phraya Si Phiphat,
restored religious sites and established this temple in order to humbly offer it as a royal temple to King Rama lll. Then King named
it "Wat Phraya Yatikaram". Later during the reign of King Rama lV, the temple was renamed as "Wat Phichaiya Yatikaram (in which villagers usually call "Wat Phichaiyat").


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