Wat Phra Kaew (The Emerald Buddha Temple) - Bangkok

This royal temple was build in 1783. Situated at the northeastern corner of the Grand Palace compound. The Ubosot housing "Phra Phuttamahamani Rattanapatimakhon" (The Emerald Buddha) where the image of the Emerald Buddha is enshrined as royal religious ceremonies have been performed. And the beautiful and the longest mural painting illustrated to Ramayana Epic. Prasat Phrathepbidorn is the stupa installing pictures of King Rama l to Vlll.
Phra Siratana Chedi pagoda, cover with golden ceramic, house relics of Lord Buddha. Buddha images of each King of Ratanakosin period are in Phra Ratchapongsanushon Tower.
Monuments of Kings of Ratanakosin are also in this temple. Beside, there are 6 pairs of giants from Ramayana Epic, made of plaster and cover with colorful ceramics, standing at each balcony gate.
Motto: "Endless Wealth and Prosperity"