Wat Ratchabophit - Bangkok  

Located at the Ratchbophit sub-district, Phranakom, Bangkok. This temple hold the highest rank of royal temple. King Rama V order to build this temple to mark his reign in 1869. King Rama Vll made a great restoration of the reign - marking temple of his father.

Wat Ratchbophit used to be a residential places for the monks of Thamayutinikaya Sect, the first Crown Prince of Siam - Mahavajiroonahit, as well as two Supreme Patriarch of the kingdom.

The temple is a mixture of Thai and western styles, showing an awakening interest in new ideas and a desire to experiment with them. The exterior of the chapel is in the Thai style, but the interior is decorated in the European style. The main ceremonial building of the temple is distinguished combination of two different styles, the outer part is Thai style decorated with the old Thai ceramics, the inner part is Gothic style.

The principle buddha image is named "Phra Buddha Angkhiros" which literally means "the aurora bursting from the body".
The Buddha image was in the reign of King Rama lV, cast with gold which used to be the King Rama V's ornaments.


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