Phra Pathom Chedi - Nakhon Pathom  

Is the oldest Buddhist in Thailand. Is located in the Region where Buddhism was introduced into this Kingdom by Sona Thera
and Uttra Thera in the third Buddhist century. The Indian statue style Phra Pathom Chedi which was in ruins for a long time until
King Mongkut Vl still a monk paid a pilgrimage to Phra Pathom Chedi which was 84 meters at that time when he come to
the throne, he decided to restore the Chedi by covering it the new one, the four wihan and the cloister were built during his reign the work was begun in 1853 and completed in the reign of King Rama V. In all, it took 17 years to build. Then the principle wihan was restored, and the replica of the former Chedi and the mural painting were painted in this wihan by King Rama Vl command. Finally, the new ordination hall was built in the reign of King Rama Vll.

Phra Pathom Chedi is 120m high, it house the Buddha relic. During in November, there is an annual fair of this monastery and it's time for the Buddhist to pay homage to the holy Chedi.


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