Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat - Phitsanulok

This Temple house the late Sukhothai style Phra Buddha Chinnarat or Luang Pho Yai as called by villagers, one of Thailand most beautiful and probably second importance only to the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok Wat Phra Kaeo. The 3.5 meter bronze Buddha image in a Subduing Mara (the obstructer of merit) posture.

It was built by King Lithai in 1357. When it was completed, he wanted it to contain three Buddha images, the first two casting
was well, but the third required few attempts before it was decreed the best of all. and it was named the Phra Chinnarat (Victorious King), it become the main Buddha image in the Wihan. The others two images, Phra Chinnasi and Phra Si Satsada,
were later moved to Wat Bowornniwet in Bangkok.