Famous Monks in Thailand

Achan Buddhadasa

luang Pu Thuad
Born in 27 May 1906 (BE 2449) in Ban Phumriang, Chaiya District, Surat Thani province. He was ordinated as a monk in 1926, at the age of 20. He travel to Bangkok for doctrinal training, After a few year, he decided to moved back to his hometown. In order to further study the Buddha-Dhamma. Thus, he established Suan Mokkhabalarama (The Grove of the Power of Liberation) in 1932, At that time, it was the only forest Dhamma Center and one of the few places dedicated to vipassana meditation in Southern Thailand. And Suan Mokkh spread over the years so that they are easily described as "one of the most influential events of Buddhist history in Siam." His primary teaching mainly focused on the quiet awareness of one's breathing pattern called anapanasati.
In later years, Buddhadasa's teachings attracted many international seekers to his hermitage. He held talks with leading scholars and clergy of various faiths. His aim in these discussions was to probe the similarities at the heart of each of the major world religions.
He passed away on 8 July 1993 (BE 2536) at aged of 87, after a series of heart attacks and strokes.
"You can be an ardent believer of a certain faith and yet be totally ignorant about it."
- Achan Buddhadasa
Location: Wat Suan Mokkh or Moklaphalaram Garden, Surat Thani provice