Famous Monks in Thailand

Luang Phor Ngern Buddhachote

luang Pu Thuad
Luang Phor Ngern was born in 1810 (BE 2355) during the reign of King Rama I at Bang Khlan Village, Pichit Province. He begins his education at Wat Chana Songkram in Bangkok where he was also ordain as a novice monk at the age of 20, where he remained at the temple for several years practice meditation before departing to Pichit province where he spent considerable time in Tudong (forest). During that time when Somdej Toh still remains alive, Luang Phor Ngern often visited Wat Rakang to pay respect and to learn sacred sciences from him.
One day Luang Phor Ngern decided to travel to the north until he reached a Village there he decided sapling the Bodhi tree where he taking cuttings from a large bodhi tree at the main entrance of the temple. He prays to Lord Buddha and asked if this location was suitable to build a temple, and if granted it will show a favorable encouragement from the cutting he had planted. The stem cutting successfully grows into a beautiful Bodhi tree, and it was at the location where Luang Phor Ngern built the temple now known as Wat Wang Tako. As an abbot of the temple, Luang Phor Ngern had many of visitors on a daily basis. He passed away in 1919 (BE 2462) at the age of 109, having served the Buddhist faith for 90 years.
Luang Phor Ngern is without doubt the most famous monk to originate from Pichit province, respected both for his sacred amulets.
Location: Wat Bang Khlan, Pichit province